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CINEFORUM will be sharing Italian culture through film and Italian films with English subtitles will be shown throughout the year. This will provide an opportunity for all Italians and lovers of Italian culture to discover the uniquely Italian cinematic view of life.
It will bring to Bristol award-winning films made by contemporary and modern film makers.
For full details of dates, start times and locations please visit the calendar.
Italians lead the way in combining their passion for food with their passion for family and friends in their daily lives.
Enjoying Italian food is one of the best ways to fully immerse oneself in the language and culture of the country, and DE GUSTIBUS events will provide the full culinary experience of regional and contemporary menus.
Our LITERARY EVENINGS offer memorable lectures and seminars led by Italian Art Graduates as they present personal insights from their theses, research and writings into the universal themes of Italian literature.
Some events will be in English and others in Italian, and they will be plenty of opportunity for questions as well as social interaction
MEETING HISTORY is a series of talks that will bring to life the fascinating Italian past.They will illustrate the history of Italy with its deeply regional and distinctive civic cultures and art.
Each talk will offer a new and sometimes revolutionary perspective on Italian history.